Recent selected publication on micromechanics

S. Nomura, ``Effective Medium of Heterogeneous Materials Using
Integral Equations,'' Volterra Equations and Applications,
Gordon and Breach Science Publisher, Edited by C. Corduneanu and
I. W. Sandberg, pp.367-372, 2000.

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Composites at Phase Interface, ECCM-8, European Conference on
Composite Materials, Vol.4, pp.377-380, Woodhead Publishing Limited.,

R. Diaz and S. Nomura, "Green's Function Applied to Solution of
Mindlin Plate," Computers and Structures, v.60, p.41 (1996).

R. Diaz and S. Nomura, "Numerical Green's Function Approach to
Finite-Sized Plate Analysis," International Journal of Solids and
Structures (in print) (1996).

S. Nomura and D. Ball, "Stiffness Reduction due to Multiple
Microcracks in Transverse Isotropic Media," Engineering Fracture
Mechanics, vol.48, No.5, pp.649-654 (1994).

S. Nomura and D. Ball, "Micromechanical Formulation of Effective
Thermal Expansion Coefficients of Unidirectional Fiber Composites,"
Advanced Composites, vol.3, No.2, pp.143-152 (1993).

S. Nomura, "Composite Plate Analysis Using Symbolic Algebra," the 
Second International Symposium on Composite Materials and Structures, 
Beijing, China (1992) pp.713-718.

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